My Mother and Me

My Mother and Me
"My Mother" - Mrs.Vedambal 96 years young

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lover's Grief

She was like a Moribund Flower !
Which I wished to possess for ever
Her words were celestial music to my ears;
But, Alas ! She vanished to the Horizon for ever.

She was the real Embodiment of Beauty; But believe me
I could not enjoy that fully,
She was the real source of inspiration!
And she loved me better than anyone else.

Her voice echoed eternal charm -
Her memory keeps my heart always warm;
I enjoyed her company that left an impression:
with indelible ink.

The poem of mine was published on August 26,1988, in the Souvenir " Samanwayam "
by Bhopal Malayalee Association during the Onam Celebration.

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