My Mother and Me

My Mother and Me
"My Mother" - Mrs.Vedambal 96 years young

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Enemy of Mankind - MAIDA !!

REPERCUSSIONS of consuming Maida :-

Consumption of Maida will have serious health hazards. It can be termed as Man's biggest enemy !!
Maida or refined flour clings to the entrails like cement and is next to impossible to get rid of it. Maida stays in the digestive system for a longer period and rots thereby causing lots of complications. It is responsible for many ailments and diseases viz., constipation, indigestion, malnutrition, diabetes and cancer. It is a contributing factor to heart disease, hiatus hernia, gallstones, colon polyps,cancer of colon and rectum, varicose viens, obesity and haemorrhoids. Maida causes lots of diseases in the human body.
Include atta (wheat flour) in your diet and say good bye to Maida. Atta has enough fibre to ensure proper and slow digestion. But when we remove the outer husk to obtain maida, we transform it into a dangerous substance, which we eat because of its taste. 

One must avoid the following Maida items viz; Noodles, pasta, Gulab Jamun, Samosa, patties, Spring Rolls, hot dog, macaroni, Jalebi, momos, swiss roll, Naan, Bhatura, papri, matthim, biscuits  and golgappa.

Stop consuming eatables made of Maida and switch over to Atta. Your system will be grateful to you forever. Consumption of whole wheat bread is good. People normally prefer maida preparations simply because of its taste. Besides, maida items have a more shelf life and is tastier. You must focus on your life rather than that of the food items. Remember that Maida is the number one enemy of Mankind. The sooner you abandon Maida the better !!! Converting Atta to maida will loose its major nutrients. Ironically we discard the useful part of wheat grain and give it as a fodder to animals and end up consuming the harmful residue for ourselves. Hence, beware and at once switch over to Atta from  Maida for your own good and the good of your family !!

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