My Mother and Me

My Mother and Me
"My Mother" - Mrs.Vedambal 96 years young

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Naming of the nephew !!

The naming of a child is not a Herculean task indeed. But sometimes it is.To the happiness of all the
members of my family, my sister was blessed with a male child a couple of months back. I was very much exulted because at last I became a Mama. Off and on I took the tiny creature in my hand and
showered him love by hugging,embracing and kissing him profusely until my sister snatched my "Baanjha" away from my hand. She was afraid that my sharp moustache might hurt her darling son.
I was impatiently waiting for the golden day when my "Baanjha" would address me by saying Pranam Mamashree and me blessing him "Ayushmaan Bhavah", Chiranjeevi Bhavah, Chakravarthy
Bhavah ! I dreamt of the day when my Baanjha would become a child prodigy and an intellectual personality thus gaining a name for himself and famous all over the Universe.

      My Dad arranged an elaborate celebration on the happy occasion in the entire village which lasted for over a week. He called a meeting and addressed the villagers; and also sanctioned a substantial sum for the celebration. Soon the entire village was colourfully decorated, especially the village panchayat office. My Dad being the Panchayat President of our village ordered for the closure of the school; to enable the teachers and pupils to participate in the various cultural programmes.

       Meanwhile, the Granny of the child arranged for a weeklong pooja at the local "Vinayaka Temple". The special pooja commenced early in the morning starting with "Mahaganapathy Homam", followed by various Abhishekams. Devotees thronged the temple premises and offered prayers. They sang devotional songs in groups accompanied by music. There was a downpour of congratulatory messages keeping the local postman extraordinarily busy for over a fortnight.

       The whole village wore a festive look; as if some Pooram Festivl is going to be held. The Granny of the child distributed food and clothes to the downtrodden.

      Then the problem arose that of Nomenclature, which should be done on the Twenty eighth day of Parturitionas per our custom. Soon a Committee was formed to name the child; which included Septuagenarian grand parents of the child and a few elders of the village for scrutinisation and Final selection. My mind was pregnant with many a fashinable names and i suggested some; which were duly discarded for reasons best known to the Naming Committee. My suggestions included names from the Epics like The Mahabharata, Ramayana and the Holy Bible. I quoted names like Ekalavya, Duryodhana, Arjuna, Parasurama and Valmiki. I also suggested names of world famous
personalities like Acharya Rajneesh  and Sai Baba. No sooner i pronounced the name of Bhagwan Rajneesh , than the Granny of the child became very angry an in a fit of fury she sacked me unceremoniously from the naming Committee.

     Days and months passed to rapidly since I gave my suggestion and now they are in a dilemma not knowing what to do. Since the naming ceremony cannot be procrastinated for long, the committee members are at sixes and sevens spending the time busy writing to books and magazines beseeching to suggest a fashionable name for the new arrival. Then came one set which included the names of Film Stars, Politicians, Saints and Seers, International Criminals, Dacoits, Cricketers and famous personalities such as Amitabh, NTR, Bruce Lee, Charles Sobhraj,  Malkhan Singh, Sunil Gawaskar, Ben Jhonson and Mike Tyson !!

       The above names were placed before the Naming Authorities. What about Malkhan - one gentleman asked? Who possess so much popularity as Malkhan Singh does. The one time Dacoit Leader and paramour of the dreaded dacoit Queen "Miss.Phoolan Devi" who is presently lodged in the Jail enjoying life in captivity. But for the pulchritude and sedate nature of my nephew deserves a fascinating and captivating fashionable name. We cam't sacrilege the naming ceremony 
any way. So many weeks and months have already passed ever since my nephew was born. Alas ! still he is a nameless child ! I am coherent and ardently hope that the time would find a name for my Baanjha !

Note :- The above fiction was published by M.P.Chronicle, Bhopal on 17 th September 1989         exactly 22 years ago. The above Fiction is dedicated to my loving nephew Deepak Iyer.C.A.

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