My Mother and Me

My Mother and Me
"My Mother" - Mrs.Vedambal 96 years young

Friday, September 30, 2011

" The Kingdom of Yamaraja " (Fiction- conceived and written by me during September 1990).)

Emperor Yamaraja mounted on a Buffalo was busy dictating a letter to his Personal Assistant
MR.CHITRAGUPTA. He had to stop the dictation abruptly as he heard an uproar outside his
chamber. Soon he called his Chief Secretary and ascribed the reason for the clamour outside. 
The Chief Secretary rushed towards the main entrance and witnessed a terrible sight. He could 
not believe his eyes and was taken aback. Emperor Yamaraja's Prajas (Subjects') were on strike.
The work in the kingdom of Yamaraja i.e. Hell came to a grinding halt, as the Clerks, Stenographers
and Typists sat on a Dharna demanding wage revision and implementation of the New Pay 
Commission's recommendations. They have formed a Union and aptly christened the same as
worded Memorandum was also submitted to the Yamaraja through his Chief Secretary. But,
Yamaraja swerved not. He threatened the striking employees of Break-in-Service followed by
Retrenchment. He gave a notice stating the those who fail to resume duty within three days from the date of this Notification shall be retrenched from service forthwith. However, he forgot to mention any date in the notification.

The Employees on their part, also threatened the Yamaraja that if their demands were not met
within a reasonable period of 15 days they would resort to hunger strike. They shouted slogans
at the top of their voice. YAMARAJA MURDABAD ! HAMARI EKATHA ZINDABAD !!
Khoon Bi Denge, Jaan Bi Denge, Magar Hamaari Maange Lekher Rahenge!! These slogans
rent the Air of Emperor Yamaraja's Kingdom ' Hell ' and the echo of the slogans could be heard 
even on Earth. The strike entered the forty first day.

Emperor Yamaraja watched the striking employees helplessly. He tried to persuade them to resume duty. They didn't heed his words at all. Yamaraja could not withstand the strike any further. Soon he called Chitragupta and other senior Ministers of his Cabinet and held a meeting which lasted for few days. Some senior Ministers of his Cabinet suggested that he should strike a deal with the Union Leader by bribing him. He invited Press-Persons to give wide publicity of the meeting.

                                                                     YAMARAJ JI

He rang up special correspondent of 'Evening Star' Bhopal. Unfortunately the Telephone in Bhopal were all dead due to some technical snag. After the introduction of Arera Electronic Exchange, the Telephones were having a nice time. Most of the time they will be sleeping. Yamaraja was highly annoyed and disgusted. He cursed his fate a Thousand times ! By calling the names of Heroes he knew from the Indian Bollywood Sahar - Bombay, he tried to contact the 'Evening Star' Office at Bhopal on 15th of August, early in the morning. He chanted thrice the names of ANIL KAPOOR of Mr.India fame and AMITAB BACCHAN of 'JAADUGAR' fame. As if the 'Telephones' have got freedom on the Independance Day, it started with a buzzing noise and came to life.

Emperor Yamaraja's Joy Knew No Bounds when he heard the sound of the Special Correspondent from Maharaja Press Complex , Bhopal and he heaved a sigh of relief and profusely thanked the heroes of the Bolly wood Sahar - Bombay viz., ANIL KAPOOR and AMITABH BACCHAN. Atlast, Telephones awoke from its deep slumber. Excerpts of the Telephonic conversation between  Yamaraja (YR) and Special Correspondent Evening Star (SCES) :-

Y.R        : Hello. Good Morning, Is it Maharaja Press Complex Bhopal Evening Star Office ?
S.C.E.S  : Good Morning Sir, Yes, this is Maharaja press complex Evening Star Office - Bopal.
                  May I know who is speaking Sir ?
Y.R.       : Yes ! This is me. Emperor Yamaraja speaking from my kingdom " HELL "
                 ( The special correspondent jumped out of his seat and answered in a frightened voice)
S.C.E.S : What can I do for you Sir ?
Y.R.       : Would you mind coming to Hell ?
S.C.E.S. : (Startled) Ofcourse Sir; Everybody has to come to Hell one day, when your goodselves
                  cordially invites us. But i am too young to come over there, right now.
Y.R.       : Oh ! I see. (A short pauce and then proceeds) Young Man, I would like you to visit my 
                  Kingdom " Hell " for a few days only. You may go back to Bhopal after you finish my 
                  small work.
S.C.E.S  : But, Yamaraj Ji, there is no conveyance to Hell from Bhopal.
Y.R.        : You don't worry about conveyance. I will send my Steed (Vahana//Vehicle)                 
                  " AIRAVAT " (white elephant), to bring you here.
S.C.E.S   : But, AIRAVAT is Lord Indra's Vahana. How can you send Lord Indra's Vahana ?
Y.R.         :Lord Indra has presented me his ' VAHANA ' because it is of no use to him now. On 
                  the contrary you know, I am doing a Yeoman service by punishing the guilty by bringing
                  them to Hell and retaining them here. Now all of them have united with the connivance
                  of my own staff like the Clerks, Typists and Stenographers and are trying to drive me
                  away from my own Kingdom !
S.C.E.S :  But, YAMARAJ JI - If they are fighting for their legitimate rights, how can i interfere
                  and help you. Even we do fight for our rights.
Y.R.       : See gentleman. This is my personal request. You please visit me just once and will know
                 how unjust their demands are ! You must see them directly to be believed.
S.C.E.S  : Okay, That is fine. You may send your Vahana, tomorrow itself. But there is a condition.
Y.R.        : I am ready to accept any number of conditions you may with to impose.
S.C.E.S   : AS I am also very busy and have to interview some Ministers and VVIP's, it may not be
                  possible for me to spare one full week. I will come for two days. Will it be okay ?
Y.R.        : Yes, that is fine. Thanks a lot. Shall see you in person tomorrow. Good Bye.
S.C.E.S   : Good day to you Sir and good bye.
                   Next day Morning " AIRAVAT " reached Maharaja Press Complex to take the 
                  Special Correspondent of Evening Star to Hell. The correspondent mounted the 
                  Steed and soon reached the main gate of YAMALOKA at the batting of an eye-lid.
                   He heard the clamour outside the main gate. The striking employees were yelling
                   at the top of their voice ' we want justice ', Hamari Ekta Zindabad. We condemn 
                   installation of computers ! etc etc..... Before, anyone could notice, the correspondent
                   was ushered in to Yamaraj's Chamber by two Dwarapalaka's. Emperor Yamaraj Ji
                   looked in a very pensive mood.  Chakravarthy Yamaraj Ki Jai Ho ! ( He introduced
                   himself, I am Bajrang Bali from Evening Star Office, Bhopal Sir.
Y.R.         :  Namasthe Ji. Please be seated. Yamaraja ordered for some cold drinks. An Assistant
                    brought two glass of ' Madhu ' (wine) and placed beforeYamaraj and then vanished.
S.C.E.S    : Yamaraj Ji let us talk business. I am unable to fathom the reason for your pernsive
Y.R.          : You know my employees are on a hunger strike. A lot of work has been piled up.
                    People are doing more and more ' SIN ' on Earth !! I am unable to do full justice 
                    to my Job. I have only a handful of CHAMCHA's with me.The rest everybody is on
                    strike. You see their charter of demands. I want to introduce COMPUTER. The are
                    against it.You know the Universe is galloping towards twentyfirst century. How can
                    we lag behind ?
S.C.E.S   :  I can't read this charter of demands. This is an alien language. (Returns the charter).
Y.R.        :  Okay, I will read it for you (Reads on)
                    a. COMPUTERISATION vapas karo.
                     b.Implement pay commission recommendations immediately.
                     c. We want rent free accommodation.
                     d. We want sixty day's Bonus.
S.C.E.S.   :  Interrupting. Sir,. these are genuine demands.
Y.R.         :  Agreed. But you see they are demanding 3 months PATERNITY Leave also, which
                    is being given in Sweden at the moment. This is Unjust.
S.C.E.S.   :  Ultimately, what is your decision ?
Y.R.          : I will retrench everybody forthwith. You do me a favour.
S.C.E.S.    : What favour ?
Y.R.          :  Please do advertise the following in your esteemed news paper. I want to recruit
                     new hands from Bhopal.I think there are so many unemployed youths there.
                          SUPERSCRIBING THE ENVELOP, Application for .........c/o Emperor
                          Yamaraja's Secretariat, Kingdom ' Hell ', Post Bag No. 420.
S.C.E.S.      :  Yamaraj Ji I will certainly oblige you by advertising the above. Thank you and
                       good bye. Take Care. Good day to you.
Y.R.            : Good - Bye - and hoping to see you soon.

Special Note :- The Central Government has started giving Paternity Leave of 15 days to its Male 
                           Employees after the implementation of its Sixth Pay Commission. I had conceived 
                           this idea more than 21 years ago and now it has become a reality.

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