My Mother and Me

My Mother and Me
"My Mother" - Mrs.Vedambal 96 years young

Friday, June 17, 2011


     A phobia is an irrational fear of a particular situation/thing,
 so excessive that it drives the sufferer to lengths just to avoid the 
object of terror. The fear almost always finds External Manifestations
- sweating, laboured breathing, dizzy spells to name a few.

Gymnophobia                - Fear of Nudity.
Pentheraphobia             - Fear of Mother-in-Law.
Arachibutyrophobia       - Fear of Peanut butter sticking to the roof
                                            of the mouth.
Hippopotomonstrosequisesppedaliophobia = fear of long words !!!!

Coulrophobia               - Fear of Clowns
Anuptaphobia              - Fear of being unmarried or being married to the wrong person
Arachnophobia            - Fear of Spiders
Ophidiophobia             - Fear of Snakes
Acrophobia                   - Fear of heights
Agoraphobia                 - Fear of situations in which escape is difficult
Cynophobia                   - Fear of Dogs
Astraphobia                   - Fear of Thunder and Lightening
Brontophobia                -    do   -                                           
Tonitrophobia                -    do   -                                          
Ceraunophobia               -    do   -                                         
Trypanophobia               -   Fear of Injections
Social phobia                  -  fear of social situations
Pteromerphanophobia    -  Fear of Flying
Mysophobia                      - Fear of germs or dirt.

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