My Mother and Me

My Mother and Me
"My Mother" - Mrs.Vedambal 96 years young

Saturday, April 9, 2011

NeetiSaaram *** contd.

(1) Raajaval Panchavarshaani Dasavarshaani Daasaval,
     Prapte Shodasavarshethu Putram Mitravadaamcharel!!

      Meaning :- Sons' should be treated like a King Upto 5 years 
of age, upto 15 years should be disciplined like a servant, once
they attain the age of 16 should be treated like a close confidante//

(2) "Avashyamanubhokthavyam kritam karmasubha subham,
        nabhuktam ksheeyate karmakalpa kotisatairapi "

        Meaning :- Either good deed or bad deed done by oneself ,
the consequences (virtue // sin ie punya or paapa) should be
faced by the doer himself. Even after hundreds of crores of years
one has to pay for one's deeds.

(3) " Vidwanena vijaanadi vidwajjhana parishramam
         Nahi vandhya vijaanadi gurveem prasava vedanam "

        Meaning :- Only a Vidhwan (Scholar) knows who an literate person is,
                            like a barren woman who never delivered a baby will not know what
                            labour pain is  !!! 

(4)   " Aksharam Viprahasthena Mathruhasthena Bhojanam,
           Bhaaryahasthena Tamboolam Rajahasthena Kanganam "

         Meaning :- One must get Education from a Brahmin, Food from one's 
                            Mother, Betel Leaves (Paan) from one's Wife and an
                           Award//Gift from the King."

(5) Ekenabhi Suputhrena Vidhyayuktena Saadhuna,
Aahladhidham Kulam Sarvam, Yadha Chandrena Sarvari !

Meaning :- Even if you have only One Son and he is well educated and well behaved,
                    he would bring cheers to the entire clan - just like how the 'Moon' brings 
                    happiness during night to the entire population of this world !

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